The teachers at Alive and Shine Center are the best, most thoroughly trained yoga teachers I have encountered. As an orthopedic surgeon, I am continually impressed by their knowledge and mastery of human anatomy and how it translates into teaching yoga such that it is safe for everyone to do at any level.
Allison McLennon, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon
Thank you for the great stretching that you showed us. I slept pain-free last night for the first time in a long time!Garth M.

I have been a part of Alive and Shine studio for 14 years. The quality, and the level of integrity and professionalism is beyond anything else out there. Whether you are a new person thinking about starting yoga, someone who’s done yoga but wants more depth and richness in your practice, or a teacher that wants to go to the next level, this is THE PLACE to go!

Allison W.

If you live in the Seattle area, give this studio a try. It may not meet society’s new definition of yoga with hard-core sequences and techno music, but if you’re ready for classical and effective yoga instruction by skilled and experienced instructors along with truly heartfelt meditation, you can’t beat Alive & Shine Center.

Gina M.
Alive and Shine Center is a wonderful place to come and get healthy and fit, but for me it has also provided a sense of community and a center for my spiritual practice.Ann K.

Alive and Shine is a unique oasis where one can experience and appreciate the full power and benefit of Yoga and Meditation. The teachers are skilled and compassionate. The receptionist is warm and welcoming. Savitri is a unique Meditation Master. Basically, this is a very nice start to your morning and a peaceful end to your day. As the Medical and scientific community increasingly recognize the value of Yoga and Meditation in the healing process, I believe, Alive and Shine will continue to make a significant contribution to the well-being and happiness of the community. I wholeheartedly recommend Alive and Shine. Ajay J Mohabeer, MD, Occupational Medicine

After my first class at Alive and Shine Center in 2009 I was hooked, I never knew my body held so much stress and the relief through the poses could be so wonderful. As I continued to come to the studio I discovered a safe, joyful and exploratory environment that helped me go deeper into my practice. The highly trained and caring teachers are also another reason that I continually came to classes and got motivated to do better.

The world has probably become more chaotic than when I started Yoga, but my asana and meditation practice continue to keep me in a state where I can face the world with a very calm and happy outlook. And the result is immense, I am enjoying my life more.

Abu Miah, Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft Corporation

I am so happy that I found Alive & Shine Center. I always used to have a kind of anxiety inside me. After I started practicing yoga and meditation it helped me to find inner peace. Harshitha H. P., Microsoft
What I notice is that even once or twice a week of gentle yoga makes a huge difference to my body.  If I miss a week I have instant low back and knee pain.  After I do one class it is gone!  Even a little yoga goes a long way!
I particularly like the relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere, and the focus on mental, emotional, and spiritual growth, not just physical development.John P.

I have over the years participated in a number of Aadil and Savitri’s workshops.  I worked as a traditional practitioner of health care with a surgical subspecialty.  I was initially far out of my element.  But over time I learned the power of yoga in transforming lives.  Not only did my body respond to the training with greater strength and flexibility, but I learned the importance of slowing down my mind.  I discovered that a number of the problems I encountered in my office could be resolved with yoga.  I began to understand more fully the powerful interplay between the mind and the body. 

For me, Alive and Shine was much more than a place to do yoga asana, and my participation in the special offerings of Aadil and Savatri eventually transformed my essence.  In addition, I have never felt so good physically.  Alive and Shine offers so much more than yoga poses. 

Ed North, MD, Orthopedic Hand Surgeon

This yoga is not about ego, how good you look in your yoga clothes, or what fancy poses you can do; this is yoga from the heart… I travel several times a year from San Francisco to attend classes, trainings, and workshops given here!
Linda S., San Francisco

Alive & Shine Center asana classes help me to be more aware of my body and meditation helps my mind to be calm and relaxed. Practicing these techniques helps me to be in much more control of situations in every part of the day - at work as well as with family. Before starting at ASC I was suffering with allergies and was hardly able to manage it even with the support of best doctors. But with asana, pranayama and meditation and lifestyle changes, my health is better than it was 10 years back. I wholeheartedly recommend ASC to every person of any profession – this is the only place we find the knowledge and wisdom that’s so essential to lead a happy life. ASC teaches the ABC’s of happy life and should be applicable to anyone.

The information available at ASC is genuine. It’s hard to find other places with such insight to all of the subjects taught at ASC. The depth of knowledge that the teachers have is incomparable. ASC not only focuses on your body staying in shape, but on all round balance of the mind, body and beyond.

Vivek D. Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft Corporation

Wonderful studio. Both the asana and meditation are impeccable. I've practiced there for 4 years. I feel like the studio follows traditional yogic practice and philosophy more than other places I've been. The classes have really helped me be more centered and energetic. As a contractor my body looks forward to the asana and as a business owner the meditations calm and focus my mind.

Will Sanderson, General Contractor

Their meditation classes have a quality unlike any other. The techniques they teach are useful and effective and it is making a really uplifting difference in my life.Liz S.
Wonderful studio with world class teachers.  This is truly a yoga school that welcomes all types of people and wants to truly teach yoga, rather than just exercise.”
Sara A.

My life is all about taking care of others. Yoga is only for me! It makes me feel centered, relaxed, and focused (if not just a little sore the next day!)Deana
The teachers are very well educated and make sure they are aware of any physical limitations that any of their students have.  The atmosphere is one of everyone learning, not competing.  Definitely 5 stars!
Gwen G.

I’ve been coming to yoga three or four times a week for six months, and I can walk for miles.  I can walk as well as I could in my twenties.  No orthotics.  No pain… My back and neck feel great too!”
Katie M.
Your studio is truly a 5-star operation and I would recommend it to anyone. Your instructors are superb and your staff is a group of truly beautiful people.Wendy M.

Classes at ASC are some of the few yoga classes I truly love. Instructors at the studio truly pay attention to the details of the pose, not just leading you from one pose to another. You are welcomed by genuine smiles every time you are there. I would recommend this studio to anyone who wants to try yoga or deepen their practice. Actually that is the place I would send my parents to if they ever wanted to start learning because I trust them this much. 🙂 Meanwhile, I understand the price is on the higher end of the studios in Seattle area, it is definitely worth it and dining out one less time will get you one beautiful class at ASC. Meng Chen, Microsoft Corporation