How is Purna Yoga Nidra different? | Aadil Palkhivala

Our subconscious mind controls our thoughts, words and actions far more than we realize. Most people have no idea that, hidden deep inside, lives their own worst enemy. Our insecurities, our fears, our anger, our tensions… are all stored in our subconscious and, when we strive to achieve, we often have to fight ourselves and our own mind. Yet very few people can access their subconscious minds, much less make changes in them. That is the problem. Purna Yoga Nidra is the solution. It is used for overcoming subconscious obstacles so that we can finally be free to live a life without an anchor curbing our progress. It is truly amazing what you can achieve when you are not your own enemy!


Yoga Nidra taught by Aadil in Purna Yoga® is different from the yoga nidra taught in other traditions. Your own body anatomy, breath and mental focus, with Aadil’s personal guidance, will be used to take you into a deep and profound state where the sankalpa (intention) of each particular practice can be realized. Even if you have never done Yoga Nidra before, Aadil will guide you, step-by-step through the whole process so you are completely aware of what you are doing. Students who have done many Yoga Nidras with Aadil often talk of “miracles” happening in their lives.

This will be a unique experience, one-on-one with Aadil, LIVE and personalized for you!
You will be able to ask questions and get answers about how to make your Yoga Nidra more effective. Aadil is a living master of yoga, and has taught Yoga Nidra for decades using specific words and his vocal training to help you go deeper within than you may have ever gone. Because of this one-on-one contact, you will go profoundly deep and access your subconscious. Aside from his 57 years of yogic experience, it takes a lot of additional preparation on Aadil’s part to teach each one of these amazing sessions.


Many students have requested a Purna Yoga Nidra Series with Aadil. This is the first time he has agreed. Over the year, you will work on the 12 different intentions as listed below. The first 9 sessions will deal with personal restrictions and create freedoms and confidence. This will lead to the last 3 sessions where you will proceed to manifest 3 of your own personal sankalpa (intentions/wishes).

Though you may take any 1 of these sessions separately, it is highly advised to take the whole course sequentially to receive the full impact, and effectively create magnificent transformation in your life. There is NOTHING like Purna Yoga Nidra.


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