Why Choose Our Yoga Studio?

“Wonderful studio with world class teachers. This is truly a yoga school that welcomes all types of people and wants to truly teach yoga, rather than just exercise.” – Sara A.

At Alive and Shine Center, yoga is more than just exercise. Because you are more – much more – than just a body. Our classes help you cultivate good health and fitness… calm your mind and emotions… reduce pain… lose weight… and live your life with a smile and a feeling of joy.

A healthy person unites body, mind and spirit to live a life of wholeness.

Alive and Shine Center gives you choices. We offer different levels of yoga – for beginners up to advance students – to fit however you feel today. You can also choose meditation, healthy living classes, Prenatal yoga or Kids yoga. We don’t squeeze you into our “style”, we just help you live life feeling fantastic every day.

Your teacher receives extensive training in yoga, meditation and healthy living. All of our instructors are certified with at least 500 hours of teacher training – and many have over 2000 hours!

This means you can relax and enjoy your yoga experience, knowing your teacher will keep you safe in the poses. If you have an injury or chronic pain, they’ll even offer individual suggestions to help your body heal. You’ll leave class feeling great physically and mentally.

Alive and Shine Center is family-owned by Aadil Palkhivala – world-famous Yoga Master – and Savitri, a renowned Meditation Master. Come experience why we’re the Eastside’s most trusted and respected yoga studio since 1992.

“This yoga is not about ego, how good you look in your yoga clothes, or what fancy poses you can do; this is yoga from the heart… I travel several times a year from San Francisco to attend classes, trainings, and workshops given here!” – Linda S., San Francisco CA